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Who we are

Our team has served leading financial institutions throughout the world, offering to connect the financial and strategic needs of clients both locally and internationally, whilst working with some of the largest multinational corporations advising clients across a range of industries.


The team brings a broad understanding of multiple disciplines and has been instrumental in financial development which had led to being the recipient of various international awards.


The team has developed access to a large portfolio of international clients with opportunities to create successful ventures. There is a wealth of operational, strategic and financial experience and understanding of projects and its complexities and will turn challenges to opportunities by leveraging off the diversity of their experience.



Our Services


  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Deal Strategy
  • Capital and Debt Advisory
  • Transaction Services
  • Valuations
  • Working Capital Advisory
  • Infrastructure and Projects
  • Restructuring Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our key strength is the ability to identify buyers prepared to pay the highest price on the best possible terms to achieve superior outcomes for our clients…

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Deal Strategy

Our research methods and teams are set up to uncover companies with the optimal strategic fit for your business, wherever they are located…

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Capital and Debt Advisory

We have access to an experienced team of Capital and Debt Advisory professionals who can work with you to develop optimal and flexible…

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Transaction Services

Whether you want to increase your market share, spread your fixed costs, gain better control of your supply chain, diversify your activities, or expand…

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Businesses or fractional interests in businesses may be valued for various purposes of mergers and acquisitions, sale of securities, and taxable…

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Working Capital Advisory

In businesses, it can be challenging to see where opportunities exist to release cash from working capital. Understanding where the opportunities sit…

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Infrastructure and Projects

We will work with both public and private sector organisations to assist in optimising transaction outcomes when working on infrastructure and…

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Restructuring Services

We help management to stabilise the business, reorganise borrowings, rebuild performance, enhance profitability and build a stable platform for…

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Our Partners

TS Consulting has formed some great partnerships with both local and global companies.

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